[Ardour-Users] Ardour Manual Updates

Stephen Doonan stephen.doonan at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 07:44:49 PDT 2009

Thomas Vecchione wrote:

> We should also probably highlight the Strip List and Group section, a
> seperate Bus vs Track strip, as well as pulling out a few specific
> buttons in the mixer strips, the TrackName button, Input Button,
> Output Button, Record, etc.

How do you want the highlighted (haloed) sections to be annotated, with 
just numbers as in the example you mentioned at the beginning of this 


--or with the name of the object being highlighted? Will the text of the 
manual refer to the various highlighted regions by number? For example, 
would the text of the manual say--

   The Strip List (1) provides a simple interface to the layout of the 
mixer strips on the mixer.

(The "(1)" above would refer to a numbered object in the screenshot?)

Or would the manual omit numeric or other references to specific objects 
within the screenshot, in which case the Strip List 
object/highlighted-area in the screenshot would be annotated with "Strip 
List" in 40 pt. Bitstream Vera Sans?

By the way, have you considered using Redhat's gift to the community, 
their Liberation typefaces? Liberation Sans?

Best wishes,

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