[Ardour-Users] Can anyone help with a Linux problem ?

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Thu May 28 08:18:14 PDT 2009

Unless anyone knows different, it seems that at least a little progress has
been made on this.  A few posts ago I mentioned that I can now boot into a
desktop - but only if I log in as root.  Anyway, with that in mind I logged
in as root, opened a terminal window and typed:-

glxinfo|grep direct\ rendering

which produced  "Direct rendering: Yes".  Previously, this would have
produced "No" so it looks like hardware acceleration is at least working.

I thought I'd be clever and log in as root, then logout and log in again as
myself.  Unfortunately, that doesn't solve the problem.  I still get the
message box telling me that a panel is already running and I get dumped to
the blank screen again.

I can't help thinking that this must be a simple config problem.  Is there a
log file I could look at to find out why the desktop hasn't started?  Or why
it thinks there's a panel already running when (visually at least) there


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