[Ardour-Users] Zoom focus (saving problem)

lieven moors lievenmoors at gmail.com
Wed May 20 03:03:52 PDT 2009

John Emmas wrote:
> Recent changes to Ardour's timeline scrolling left me with a problem in
> 'moving timeline' display mode, which I tend to prefer.  Therefore I'm
> currently running Ardour 2.4.1 which was the last version where that
> scrolling mode worked properly.
> This morning I discovered an (unrelated) bug but before reporting it I 
> just
> thought I'd check to see if it's still present in the current 
> version.  If
> anyone's running something pretty current, would they mind checking 
> this for
> me please...?
> Go to View->Zoom Focus.  You'll see 6 options, the first 3 of which are:-
> Zoom Focus Left, Zoom Focus Right and Zoom Focus Centre.  If I select 
> any of
> those 3 options, my selection seems to get remembered when I next use
> Ardour.  However, if I select any of the other 3 options (Zoom Focus
> Playhead, Zoom Focus Edit or Zoom Focus Mouse) they all seem to get
> forgotten when I next launch Ardour.  I looked in the file
> "~/.ardour2/instant-xml" and my chosen value seems to be getting saved
> correctly so the problem must be on re-loading.
> Can anyone confirm if this is still present in the latest versions?
> Also, the option Zoom Focus Edit seems to just stop the zoom facility 
> from
> working AFAICT.  Is that right?
> Thanks,
> John
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I can confirm this bug as you described it in 2.7.1 (rev 4296). But zoom 
focus edit does work as it should. I vaguely remember it didn't work in 
older versions, if you didn't activate a marker (not sure about the 



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