[Ardour-Users] Bus Routing / Editing

Ben Loftis ben at glw.com
Thu Mar 5 08:00:11 PST 2009

> When creating a new Bus, would it be sensible / desirable for the Bus's
> inputs to appear as a routable destination for any existing/future tracks?
> AFAICT, this can be achieved using Jack (as long as there's enough physical
> I/O available) but wouldn't it be desirable to do it from within Ardour
> (just like routing a track to the Master Out?)

This is not a bad idea.  The "edit" selection allows for access to the 
buses (along with any other JACK port on any other app in the system), 
but it is slow and overkill for this common task.

I think the popup menu for "Output" should include the Master, a submenu 
for physical outputs, and a submenu for bus inputs.  Then "edit" as the 
last entry.
That way, the most common operations (assigning to the master, or to a 
bus) are one click away.

> Firstly, I want to position a timeline region so that it starts at an exact
> frame on the timeline.  For example, if I was using SMPTE as my reference
> I might want the region to start at exactly 00:01:03:07.  Is there a simple
> way to do that?

you can type the position directly into the "popup region editor".
you could put a marker at the location, use "marker" edit mode, turn on "grid", and drag the region into place.
you could do the same as above, but use the "start" marker as the active marker.
you could do the same as above, but use the "playhead" edit mode, and put the playhead at the start time for the region.
...I'm sure there are lots more ways.

> Secondly, suppose I want to assemble regions (on a given track).  Is there
> a
> way to add regions such that each one I drag to the timeline will
> automatically start where the last one ended?

"splice" mode used to work like this, but someone changed it (for better 
or worse, I don't know).

I'd suggest turning on the edit grid, and setting it to "region 
bounds".  then when you are importing and dragging audio around, the 
operations will snap to the nearest region start/end.


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