[Ardour-Users] Ardour on OSX

Brett Feeney brett at feeney.com
Mon Jun 8 01:58:04 PDT 2009

Hey there,

thanks, I will give that a shot, and let you know how things progress.



Sampo Savolainen wrote:
> Quoting "Brett Feeney" <brett at feeney.com>:
> >
> >     Hi there,
> >
> > I have a bunch of session files from Ardour2.2 or so, and have been
> > trying to get them to work on the latest OSX version. They seem to
> > make it unstable and shut down during the loading of them. Also if I
> > get one open, and I try to switch to a snapshot, it will freeze the
> > program.
> >
> > Before I go asking more questions, and submitting crash reports ...
> > am I in the right area to be seeking this type of help?
> Hi,
> You are exactly right to ask for help on this matter. I believe you 
> have trodden on a bug that has already been fixed in the source code. 
> However the fix is not in any released version yet.
> Paul (or anyone else for that matter): Do you remember exactly what 
> this issue was? I remember it had to do with a missing XML attribute 
> in one part of the session file.
> You could work around the issue by adding the XML attribute in 
> question to the session files. Alternatively, if you have access to a 
> Linux machine, you could open & save each session with an SVN version 
> of Ardour.
>  Sampo

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