[Ardour-Users] ardourvst on jaunty

. m u r m e r . murmer at murmerings.com
Fri Jun 5 09:45:44 PDT 2009

so - ardourvst is now running happily on my machine with a handful of 
vsts i've been using to test it, and all's well. one last question 
though; perhaps this is common knowledge, but i haven't been able to 
find it online: do the waves bundle vsts not run with ardour? i've tried 
to install 2 of the bundles (waves restoration and waves masters), but i 
can't get either working. they seem to install individual small dll's 
for each plugin that each reference one master dll for each package, and 
i'm guessing this is incompatible (ardour also doesn't seem to like 
dll's that install themselves with uppercase file extentions - ie 
plugin.DLL. i had to go through and manually change some file extentions 
to lowercase, after which they worked without a hitch).

jus thought i'd check in case there's a trick for getting the wave 
bundles running...



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