[Ardour-Users] recording in half speed

Jari Suominen jari.suominen at helsinki.fi
Thu Jul 30 09:55:56 PDT 2009


did find a solution for this. As I figured, it was all about running 
Jack in different speed. But you have to replace audio device hw:0 in 
Jack preferences with plughw:0. Now choosing sample rate 22050 will 
actually work.

After this you just open ardour normally, it will complain about you 
opening it with wrong speed, but just click yes. Now everything happens 
slower in Ardour. And without any clitches, just like half speed in tape 
recorder. Then record couple of tracks, close Ardour, restart Jack with 
normal samplerate and go back to Ardour. You have everything the way it 
was but the new recorded tracks are fast and high - just the way they 
should, and without any noise (as expected).

This technique will be quite usefull for me. I'm even tempted to buy a 
98000 capable audio card which should enable me to record in double speed!


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