[Ardour-Users] [LAU] Tranzport + Ardour2 ?

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Sat Jan 31 06:47:43 PST 2009

Mike Taht wrote:
> I strongly suspect you will not be using the libusb driver long. It's 
> horrible on shuttle movement. My latest code transformed the tranzport 
> from a neat, yet frustrating toy to utterly essential kit.

I noticed the difference in the shuttle motion. I'll compile the kernel 
driver for my other systems too and will try it on them. I've built 
Ardour3 on my Ubuntu Intrepid box, hopefully the driver will work its 
wonders there too.

> I am looking for feedback. For example, I'm not sure if scrub mode 
> works the way people
> want it to. Also, for example, in my usage, I tend to really want to 
> be able to move markers around and have them also glued to my current 
> grid settings in ardour...

Here's a little critical feedback: The In/Out buttons are supposed to 
zoom in and out (according to the old PDF of the Tranzport layout for 
Ardour) but IIRC they set up punch-in/punch-out; the assignment for Save 
doesn't work; the assignment for Unmute All doesn't work.

The shuttle works okay for my purposes, but I haven't really used it 
much in Ardour. However, now it works so nicely with the Tranzport, I 
think I'll use it more often. The Tranzport opens some new ways of 
working for me, I'm looking forward to testing it more thoroughly.

I plan to write a profile about the Tranzport for my column, I'll be 
sure to point to your work. Thanks again for your labor on this project. :)



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