[Ardour-Users] U.S. goverment and/or NEA grants

Justin M. Streiner streiner at cluebyfour.org
Mon Jan 26 09:02:28 PST 2009

On Mon, 26 Jan 2009, Kevin Cosgrove wrote:

> Are there any people on this list who are adept or experienced
> at getting government or NEA grants?  If so, are you available to help
> here, of course coordinating with PD and the developers?  If not,
> are there people in the FOSS community who we might turn to for
> guidance?  Is there anyone here with business experience who might
> be part of an Ardour business "developer" team?
> One would think that there are some flagship software projects
> which raise the attractiveness of Linux to users.  I contend that
> Ardour is one of those, though not as visible as Open Office.
> Getting the flagship projects to be long-term viable is good for
> all of Linux.

I've never gone through the entire process of writing and submitting a 
grant proposal myself, but I've been involved in the business end of 
getting information together for them.  I'd be willing to lend a hand in 
the business development end of things.


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