[Ardour-Users] Enough Already was Sync between internal and external sources

sonofzev at iinet.net.au sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Wed Jan 21 16:08:42 PST 2009

>I don't know any musician in my social environment that's fine with 
>music productions done by Linux, independent if they are doing 
>homerecording or top level professional productions. I was a Linux only 
>user since November 2003, but since this month I've a Windows install 
>too. I'm still using Linux for anything, but multimedia production, but 
>also under Windows, I'm using some FLOSS, that I tried to use under Linux.
>Some people aren't able to sense the quality problems for Linux and 
>multimedia, some really might not have quality problems, but I never 
>heard a audio production that was fine.

Okay I've kept quiet about your opinions for a while but I'm starting to get angry. 

Ralf, should I and all other producers who are producing (and yes selling) music produced with Linux software take offence to this last comment. Because it is quite offensive. I believe that my productions are fine  and so do the labels that release me(of course there are improvements but these are not software related... but engineering skill related)

More importantly, this was a technical thread about how to do something, that is more than possible to do, where someone was asking for assistance and it was being given by people with experience with these issues. There is no need to hijack it with your opinions about how Linux isn't up to par for multimedia production. 

I (and probably the rest of the list) understand that you have had some bad experiences with some new hardware recently, this is no reason to  Shit Can all music software and music made with Linux (excuse my Australian here).. It almost makes me suspicious you are employed by a certain company in Redmond to do this because as your opinion is clear and you don't want to make a positive contribution, it makes me wonder why you bother to waste your time in writing this. 

That is all I will say before I too start getting offensive. .. and I am handing this thread back to it's purpose which was to help someone sort out their sync issues. 


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