[Ardour-Users] financial ideas commentary

Jason Jones poeticintensity at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 14:15:48 PST 2009

As a lurker here and ardour user now for more than 4 years, I thank you Paul
for everything you've done with ardour.  It truly is amazing.  As soon as I
arrange some funds, I'm becoming a subscriber.

> Putting something at the top of each page on *.ardour.org to the effect of
>> "Ardour needs your help and support.  Click here to donate or subscribe."
>> might not be such a bad idea.
For me, if it wasn't for this list, I would have had no idea about the
financial troubles going on.  Making that a bit more public might not be a
bad idea.  I earn my keep as a web developer, so if you need anything
programmed for your site, I'm available.

There's too much hope on the horizon to lose it.

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