[Ardour-Users] Could this solve Ardour's financial headache?

david headon davidheadonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 14 05:03:03 PST 2009

I have to chime in with a great big 'me too'.
My (Ardour) studio setup is better by a long shot than this time last year, good but not perfect-

The reality for me is that i prefer using Ardour for my own music, but i feel funny charging people for my services when there are LOTS of project studios out there running proprietary DAWs, which have full MIDI implementation, virtual instruments etc. In the music industry people have certain expectations, and i can meet most but not all of these at the momment.

That being said, the folks who see my workstation are instantly impressed by how much better the working environment can be.  They like the multiple desktops typical of GNU/Linux window managers, and seem to understand how much 'slimmer' these WMs are than bloated WinXP or Mac desktops.
They also apreciate,( after having the system explained to them ) that Ardour and the rest are works in progress.

In short, i cannot GENERATE money with Ardour as it is, but this is liable to change.
I imagine that if the profile of Ardour is raised in the 'pro circles' of audio work that it can only help attract more users, and funding (esp if the MIDI issue is addressed).
The only reason i have any time to experiment with/learn Ardour is that i'm unemployed, and as such have very little money to throw around.  

I don't need MIDI for my own music, and in myself i would be quite unhappy to switch to using Protools or Logic, as
good as those products are.

What I can do is use Ardour/Jack to create the most impressive recording i can, and then make it known how these recordings were achieved.  If this earns money with CD sales revenues i pledge to contribute proportionally.
This is my 2nd year using Ardour,and I now feel it's getting 'pro' enough to command real money.

Here's hoping i can generate some cash with Jack/Ardour this year- 
God only know Paul deserves renumeration for his hard work!



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>> There is lots of discussion but not much consensus. I definitely get the
>> impression that a large number of people don't actually want to see
>> Ardour
>> funding succeed.
> As the person who started off this thread, I'm dismayed by the above
> comment - and yet I feel bound to admit that it's exactly the same
> conclusion I was coming to myself.  One or two people have posted here
> to say they're already contributing financially - but if my observations
> are
> anything to go by, for the majority, the only funding model they want to
> see
> succeed is a model where somebody else ends up paying.

I don't contribute financially because Ardour isn't capable to do what I

Once Ardour 3 gets into Aplha stage, I will try to move all my (amateur)
studio work to Linux/Ardour. I really need midi support in my DAW, so the
current (stable) version of Ardour is useless to me.

I (and I guess a lot of other users) don't like to pay for software I don't
use... This might be 'the wrong way' but it's reality.

Once I'm a happy Ardour 3 user, Ardour can count on my (modest) financial
support! And I guess/hope this will be the case for a lot of other users

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