[Ardour-Users] Could this solve Ardour's financial headache?

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Jan 13 02:05:59 PST 2009

How about this for another wacky idea....?

Currently, Ardour is bringing in around 1,400 dollars per month.  I don't
know how that gets distributed but even if it all goes to one person,
there's nowhere near enough to pay someone full time.  OTOH it would
probably be enough to pay someone's expenses - so.....

As an experiment for 6 months, why not use the 1,400 dollars to fund a
fundraiser.  i.e. find someone who's well connected within the industry and
who can publicise Ardour through magazine contacts and maybe a small stand
at trade exhibitions (maybe part of SAE's stand, or Harrison's, if they're
willing).  The job would be to generally raise awareness of Ardour and
improve donations (exactly like a charitable fundraiser does).  For example,
at trade exhibitions they could distribute a CD containing the Mac version,
or a "Linux live CD" with Ardour pre-installed - and maybe get people to
sign up for a 12 donation to Ardour at say, $10 per month (which they could
cancel - but probably wouldn't).  The fundraiser gets their expenses paid,
plus a commission on any donations. Obviously, someone with a track record
in fundraising would be best.  I don't know how easy it is to find such
people but if they exist, they have to be worth considering.  And by their
very nature, these people  are usually willing to work for commission as
long as they get their expenses covered.


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