[Ardour-Users] How to give a sound "presentation"?

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at ntlworld.com
Sun Jan 11 07:35:58 PST 2009

I agree. I'd use Ardour for creating and editing my sounds, and then I'd load them into linuxsampler so they could be triggered from a MIDI device. I've done something like this before, using a laptop and a small MIDI keyboard to trigger a few sounds for a live performance. It worked pretty well - my only advice would be "Stick labels on the keys of your MIDI device!".

linuxsampler has a couple of different frontends you can drive it with, I prefer QSampler myself. 


On Sunday 11 January 2009 11:14:15 John Emmas wrote:
> Hi Ferenc - do you mean that you need to trigger sounds - but they need to
> be timed depending on the performers' actions or words?
> If so, you probably need a sampler.  I doubt that you can achieve this by
> having something that just plays continuously (or loops) in the background.
> You might be able to automate the system but it would be fraught with
> problems, probably unreliable and probably expensive.  A manually triggered
> sampler seems like the best the answer.  You could probably use MIDI to
> assign different sounds to different notes on a keyboard, which might make
> the process ergonomically simpler.
> I'm not familiar enough with Linux to know which are the best samplers but
> I'm sure there'll be people here who can suggest something.  Or why not take
> a trip to your local music store and ask for their advice?
> John
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> > Hi,
> >
> > I was asked to help producing a play.  The play is about sounds! :)
> > I think I can achieve the desired result with Ardour, but I have to
> > accomodate timing variations by the actors.  Which means I can't pre-
> > record everything and just play that back...
> >
> > Which (preferably Linux) software do you think would be the best for
> > such a task?  I imagine having to need to push space only during the
> > play, and the software would do the necessary crossfades, play back
> > short noises or just keep looping something if left alone.
> > -- 
> > Gratefully for any idea:
> > Feri.
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