[Ardour-Users] How to give a sound "presentation"?

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Jan 11 03:14:15 PST 2009

Hi Ferenc - do you mean that you need to trigger sounds - but they need to
be timed depending on the performers' actions or words?

If so, you probably need a sampler.  I doubt that you can achieve this by
having something that just plays continuously (or loops) in the background.
You might be able to automate the system but it would be fraught with
problems, probably unreliable and probably expensive.  A manually triggered
sampler seems like the best the answer.  You could probably use MIDI to
assign different sounds to different notes on a keyboard, which might make
the process ergonomically simpler.

I'm not familiar enough with Linux to know which are the best samplers but
I'm sure there'll be people here who can suggest something.  Or why not take
a trip to your local music store and ask for their advice?


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> Hi,
> I was asked to help producing a play.  The play is about sounds! :)
> I think I can achieve the desired result with Ardour, but I have to
> accomodate timing variations by the actors.  Which means I can't pre-
> record everything and just play that back...
> Which (preferably Linux) software do you think would be the best for
> such a task?  I imagine having to need to push space only during the
> play, and the software would do the necessary crossfades, play back
> short noises or just keep looping something if left alone.
> -- 
> Gratefully for any idea:
> Feri.
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