[Ardour-Users] Freeze a track?

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Thu Jan 1 07:21:14 PST 2009

Arnold Krille wrote:
> On Thursday 01 January 2009 12:28:11 Sampo Savolainen wrote:
>> Ardour usually steers towards being "perfect" in cases like this. But
>> one could argue that in this case we outsource the risk. We could let
>> the user move the fader and just tell them in the manual that fader
>> movements on frozen tracks with non-linear post fader effects will not
>> sound like what it would sound unfrozen.
> Who reads manuals???
> Regardless whether "Freeze" freezes the state before or after the fader, don't 
> rely on "its documented in the manual" to explain things. When was the last 
> time you read the manual of a new device completely before you switched it on?
That no excuse. Saying it's in the manual is a perfectly acceptable 
response. Especially if followed up with a helpful pointer, explanation 
and even offer to make things easier which Sampo has done.

- I vote for a dual option with a toggle in the control panel...


> Have fun,
> Arnold
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