[Ardour-Users] Missing shared object (that isn't missing)

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Feb 25 01:53:05 PST 2009


Thanks for the tip.  You were absolutely right and I would never have
thought of this myself.  I'd like to understand what ldconfig actually did.
Here's the sequence of events:-

1)  I restored a recently backed up partition which was (hopefully) an exact
replica of its state prior to being backed up.
2)  I tried to run Ardour from a command line and discovered that it no
longer worked.
3)  I took the main executable (ardour-2.4.1) plus 23 supporting shared
objects and moved them somewhere safe.
4)  I rebuilt Ardour from source and did a fresh scons install.  The problem
was still there.
5)  Next I ran "sudo ldconfig" which fixed the problem.

But here's the puzzling thing:-  Now that it's working, I've been able to
delete all the modules I built yesterday, restore the ones that I'd moved to
a safe location (the ones that originally exhibited the problem) and they
now work too!!  So whatever ldconfig does, it doesn't seem to modify the
(non working) executable or its shared objects.  So what exactly has it



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