[Ardour-Users] linux distro install tool info wanted

Johannes Mario Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Sat Feb 7 11:22:09 PST 2009

Johannes Mario Ringheim skreiv:
> Paul Davis skreiv:
>>    * name(s) of linux distribution(s) 
> Mandriva 2009.0.
>>    * name of the install tool for the distro
> urpmi, rpmdrake being the gui.
>>    * name of ardour package for the distro
> ardour-2.7.1-1mdv2009.0.i586
>>    * actual command to install and to update ardour
> urpmi ardour

Seems like this command will install ardour2.5, not 2.7.1. In rpmdrake 
both 2.5 and 2.7.1 are listed. However, I cannot find a command to 
install 2.7.1 with urpmi (anyone?).

So, when doing "urpmi" this package will be installed:

It should also be noted that in the info for packages for both version, 
this warning appears:

Important notice: This package is built against the system libraries in 
Mandriva, and in the SConstruct file there is a text that seems to 
invalidate support from upstream authors "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK: CANCELS 

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