[Ardour-Users] linux distro install tool info wanted

Chris Cannam chris at fuckbeans.com
Sat Feb 7 11:04:14 PST 2009

On Sat, Feb 7, 2009 at 4:52 PM, m.eik michalke <m at openmusiccontest.org> wrote:
> am Freitag, 6. Februar 2009 (12:03) schrieb Chris Cannam:
>> Surely the "recommended" package installer for Ubuntu is neither
>> apt-get, aptitude, nor any other command line tool, but Applications
>> -> Add/Remove?  (It says something about the design of Ubuntu that I
>> don't even know what this program is called!)
> the tool you describe is called gnome-app-install, but it won't help much in
> ardour's case because it is uncapable of altering the repository
> configuration (and "universe" isn't used by default).

Oh, OK.  You can enable universe elsewhere in the admin configuration,
though, without editing any config files or running Synaptic
explicitly.  It just seemed to me that if Ardour can be installed
using the simplest possible GUI, then that might be the one to suggest
-- although I don't know what Paul was intending to do by this

Ardour does in fact appear in the simple package installer on my
system; installing it seems to work (bringing in version 2.5.0), and I
haven't added anything by hand to sources.list (except to revert to
the Gnome 2.22 session manager from Hardy since the one in 2.24 is
busted, but that's another story).

> Isn't that dependent on what desktop you're running?

Sounds like it, from the name "gnome-app-install".  But since I didn't
know whether this program was a
dpkg-specific-desktop-neutral-Ubuntu-ism, a
desktop-specific-package-neutral-Gnome-ism, or something else, I
didn't really want to get too involved in that.

(Actually, watching the process table, it seems that this program
invokes synaptic to do the actual installation work.)


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