[Ardour-Users] Plugin help

Klaumi Klingsporn klaumikli at gmx.de
Wed Dec 23 09:58:31 PST 2009

Am / On Wed, 23 Dec 2009 12:08:13 -0500
schrieb "Henry W. Peters" <hwpeters at jamadots.com>:

> like to start out with a "pop" filter (right, pop 
> as in crackle from surface noise from analogue disk recordings). I am 
> supposed to have installed some LADSPA plug-ins, but see no place in 
> Ardour where they are plugged in & available 

In the mixer strips, obove of the mute- and solo-buttons, there is a
big black field. Right-click on it and choose "Insert plugin".
When inserted, the name of the plugin is shown in the black field.
Dobble-click on it will let you adjust parameters.

But no idea what plugin to use for removing of venyl-crackles ;-)


Klaus-M. Klingsporn            
klaumikli at gmx.de

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