[Ardour-Users] not upgrading...

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Fri Dec 18 11:33:23 PST 2009

Mark Greenwood wrote:

> I don't have issues with trying new versions and testing etc, but I will never ever again do it on my live system. That was really the advice I was trying to give. I think it was Ralf who suggested dual boot. That would always be my advice too.
I've lived by this rule when dealing with closed source as well as open 
source software for the past ten years
(used to be OS X but now 100% Ubuntu for all performance and studio work)

I always stop adding new or updating existing software one month before 
going on tour
and I do extensive testing of any upgrades to mission critical software 
during that month

I also bring a netbook on tour running a stable (read: one or two 
versions behind current) version of Ubuntu, Ardour  and my files just in 
case anything happens to my main axe (a Dell Studio laptop)

I've done the 'finding an authorized Apple repair center' while on tour 
in Europe and it is not something I ever want to repeat

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