[Ardour-Users] suitable multi-channel recording card?

david headon davidheadonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Dec 18 01:07:22 PST 2009

RME- Hammerfall HDSP 9652- 

Focusrite OctopreLE with ADAT card option.
Slightly better preamps than the Saffires (i HAD the Saffire Pro 26i/o - sent it back)

only problem for now is i'm limited to 48khz.

The Hammerfall goes up to 96khz though, and i'm looking at other i/o options .
When i bought this stuff, relying on Freebob was not an option.
Perhaps i'd decide differently today, but this setup is very reliable.


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Focusrite Saffire Pro 10io (although I think it might be EOL) has served me well
for most of this year.. 

However the ffado driver and mixing app is not as stable or reliable as what is
available for the Delta 1010 .. I used to have one of them.. 

I don't regret the change though as the Focusrite has a better sound. 

On Fri Dec 18  9:30 , Rob Quin  sent:

>Maudio 1010lt on Debian 5.0.3 with Ardour 2.8 works fine for me.
>No fancy breakout box, no phantom power but if your mixer has got channel 
>outputs or insert points then it gets the job done on a tight budget. If 
>you're handy with the soldering iron then you can make up your own multicore 
>breakout cable which will make the wiring a bit neater.
>On Thursday 17 December 2009 20:48:53 Hein Zelle wrote:
>> Dear Ardour users,
>> I hope you don't mind me posting this here, I'll also subscribe to
>> alsa and linux-audio lists to give it a go.  I'm looking for a new or
>> second hand sound card that can do multi-channel analog recording for
>> my band, using linux and ardour.  Preferably 6 channels or more
>> simultaneously (analog), 4 will do if we really have to.
>> I'm trying very hard to find suitable cards, but not finding much
>> apart from hammerfall and maudio 44/66/1010(lt).  Is that really all
>> of the suitable candidates?  I understood (but would like to stand
>> corrected) that USB is perhaps not the best choice for 6 channel
>> simultaneous input.  The alsa sound card matrix has too little
>> information to be of much help.
>> Of course our budget is small, so the maudio 1010lt looks tempting, or
>> a second-hand 1010 for roughly the same price.  All the firewire cards
>> I've looked at so far (especially maudio) don't seem to have good
>> linux support.  If a good and affordable external firewire solution
>> were available, I'd be very much in favour of it.
>> Suggestions for sound cards (or similar solutions) that will allow 6
>> channel analong recording and will definitely work with Ardour are
>> very very welcome!
>> Kind regards,
>>      Hein Zelle
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