[Ardour-Users] suitable multi-channel recording card?

Hein Zelle hein at icce.rug.nl
Thu Dec 17 14:21:58 PST 2009

Chris Nutt wrote:

> If you are considering firewire... have you looked at
> http://www.ffado.org/ ?
> I have a Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 I/O which works without any issues on
> Fedora+CCRMA. A second hand Saffire Pro 10 (without the ADAT support)
> would give you plenty of inputs and Focusrite are supporting the FFADO
> project. 

Wow, you guys are fast.  Thanks for all the input!  With these
pointers I quickly found a bunch of suitable external firewire models
from new down to second-hand.  I've just reserved a second-hand
Focusrite Saffire pro 10, which I'll pick up next week thursday if all
goes well.  Looking forward to try it out!  This one definitely has
all the features I would want, from the looks of it.  Great that it
has 8 XLR inputs.

Thanks again!  I'll let you know when our first multi-track recording
with Ardour is on our website.

Kind regards,
     Hein Zelle

 Hein Zelle                     hein at icce.rug.nl

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