[Ardour-Users] Shaky Ardour... (true love?

Henry W. Peters hwpeters at jamadots.com
Wed Dec 16 14:12:04 PST 2009

Thank you all. Yes, I appreciate all the comments here. I suspect, at 
this point, there is no one answer, & it is appropriate that a diversity 
of experience & circumstance, will come up with some diversity of 
opinion & ideas, etc. & isn't that how creativity does (sometimes) 
happen?  I think it is very true, that one needs keep an open as 
possible mind regarding this Ardour program (my gut feeling keeps 
telling me), there is something important going on. In my case now, I am 
here, just trying to narrow any problems down, to make the true source/s 
apparent so that I can do what ever needs doing to enable a stable, 
flexible, system that allows for what creativity I contact, to flow, 
somehow. The $500+ programs can be great... as long as one believes that 
there will be some relatively equal sum available down the line for 
upgrades... etc. I see open source as a way to break this cycle (clearly 
not an original thought! & yes, sooner or later, the piper must be paid, 
but if we ourselves are the pipers, too...?).

I have been trying to solve this puzzle, for what my system set up has 
become, for a course of maybe three years... trying this & trying that 
in various versions & distros of Linux, I think I am just beginning to 
understand some of the variables to enable me to articulate a little 
better experimentally, so that those whose experience in areas that are 
greater than mine, can more appropriately advise, with all the 
generosity they know how... even if it is to point me, say... over 
there---> (there (?)). & hopefully, I can help, somehow, in turn, the 
cycle of knowledge to continue, maybe even just by saying, with as much 
sincerity that I can muster: what the heck, here---> (here (?))?


Geoff Beasley wrote:
>  I'm going to make a sweeping statement of absolute fact; Ardour is 'almost'
>  NEVER the problem.
>  I have been a fulltime user (literally!) for over 4 years and in that time
>  Ardour has crashed and burnt lots of my work; and it was almost always my
>  system and my expectations at fault and not Ardour at all. And when it was
>  Ardour, I sought help to debug and get the faults fixed (often within
>   minutes btw)
>  On Windows, proprietry software has a gazzilion fixes for the
>  shortcomings,faults and design quirks of that OS that you never get to see;
>  let alone all of the wonderful,spontainious and truely magical ways your
>   $500+ program will find to eat,distort,slip and twist your latest
>   masterpiece into nothing more than a vanished collection of meaningless
>   electrons.
>  Most of us have been there I'm sure and sometimes with Ardour....
> However, if anyone intends to do DAW work in Linux then you MUST learn how
>   to build and operate your own system. Then, as a last step, put your audio
>   workhorses on top. IMHO, roll-your-own is the only way. Distro's are
>   great, but not for serious work as far as i'm concerned.
>  Ihave had to apologise to -p so many times for things that appeared to be
>  Ardour and simply wasn't, that i speak with some knowledge ;)
>  just my 2c
> g.

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