[Ardour-Users] stupid question regarding mute

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 07:58:22 PST 2009


I've been out of the loop too long, I guess. I just installed ardour 
2.8.4 from source today, everything went smooth, everything works well.

However I have a problem that I'm sure is just me being brain dead. I 
created a number of tracks with "import audio" and they play back just 
fine. However the mute button doesn't seem to work on them. I tried 
disconnecting everything and sending them to Master Out, but still.. If 
I disconnect them there's no sound, exactly the way it should be.

I'm thinking I have some switch I don't know about pressed or did 
something stupid with the routing.

Any suggestions, where to look, what could be the cause of this behavior?

Thanks in advance for any input.


http://atte.dk   http://modlys.dk

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