[Ardour-Users] [OT] Degrees of DIY (was:Re: OSX vs Linux)

Lamar Owen lowen at pari.edu
Thu Aug 27 05:37:56 PDT 2009

On Thursday 27 August 2009 12:48:07 am Thomas Vecchione wrote:
> But you need to take this one step farther to the professional race car
> drivers that are driving a car that is quite capable of being VERY fast,
> but don't have to mount the engine in it themselves, change their own tires
> at every pit stop, etc.

Even then, the professional racer will know more about the workings of that 
car than the average driver, and, while not a 'record time' tire changer or 
engine rebuilder, could do some tech stuff in a pinch.  I say all of this more 
from the professional audio side anyway, coming from nearly twenty years in 
the broadcasting field.  But, back to the professional racer analogy,  you need 
a good pit crew at that point; the local 'oil and tire' shop neither will 
stock the right parts nor will they have the requisite knowledge. 

But the analogy extension to professionals is quite good; thanks for the 

> If you are going to use this analogy, the above is where we as a community,
> and distributions, should be able to deliver to a user that wants to step
> up to it IMO.

I am, FWIW, quite available as a consultant.  But, yes, we as a community who 
knows the engines, powertrain, suspension, and the other pieces of the puzzle 
do need to step up and help folks out with these full custom outfits.  They 
will get great performance, but it does require more 'fiddling' than owning the 
typical 'clunker.'

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