[Ardour-Users] time stretch?

. m u r m e r . murmer at murmerings.com
Sun Apr 26 11:23:03 PDT 2009

Noel Darlow wrote:
> Also works to another track in the same instance if that's more
> convenient.

yeah, that's how i did it, however i discovered something: there is a 
strange clicking that appears, akin to the sound you get when a cd is a 
bit scratched. at 32 semitones down (yes, i know, that's a lot, but 
that's what i'm doing), it clicks about once a second. and not 
constantly, but depending on the input signal (again, like a scrached 
cd). i've tried with several different sound files from several 
different sources recorded with different mics and recorders, and it's 
consistent. other than the click, the sound quality of the transformed 
file is fantastic, as opposed to in audacity where you hear a lot of 
compression and artefact. so i'd very much like to sort it out if it's 
possible. it starts almost immediately upon touching the toggle, and 
slows down, obviously, the lower you go.

any thoughts?



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