[Ardour-Users] time stretch?

. m u r m e r . murmer at murmerings.com
Sat Apr 25 12:11:11 PDT 2009

thanks to pablo for talking me through my recent problem with jack.  now 
another, hopefully slightly simpler, question:

is there a way to simply time-stretch a sound file in ardour?  in most 
sound software i have used the default pitch-shifter has duplicated the 
effect of slowing down magnetic tape, producing a lower (in pitch) and 
longer file.  but ardour's 'transpose' tool, and all of the 
pitch-shifting plugins i have (i have installed all of the sets of 
LADSPA plugins i have been able to find) pitch down the sound while 
maintaining the original length.  great as well, for some uses, but i 
would like to be able to do the former as well...

thanks for any pointers,


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