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Grammostola Rosea rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 03:26:48 PDT 2009

Jostein Chr. Andersen wrote:
> First, some thoughts: Is there a _real_ "Linux Audio 101" tutorial on
> the 'Net? I notice that an easy and clear "Getting started with.." link
> (or something) is missing on possible every Linux Audio project on
> the 'Net. Maybe the different Linux Audio projects and communities
> should go together and do a real Linux Audio documentation project for
> end users, not for geeks. Another problem is that the 'Net is full of
> links that points to unmaintained and crappy apps. A global spring
> cleaning is needed here. No wonder that it's hard for beginners to get
> started with Linux Audio - it's even hard for seasoned people!
> That said, I - with my bad written English - is probably not the right
> person to write or think about this (DP, do you have time? ;-)  ). Also,
> the right news group for this thread is probably the LAU, but anyway,
> here it is:
> leandro roggerone wrote:
>> Hi, I`m a recently ardour user, I have found this tool and I think its
>> great, i would like to learn to use it but i have no experience working
>> with linux os, I would like to start for the beggining , I don`t know
>> wich linux version should i install, i hope someone help me with some
>> document or any tutorial that i can read to begin. thanks.
> The easiest way is to use a multimedia mainstream distro like
> Ubuntu-studio, the upcoming 64studio version 3 or Jacklab. The good
> thing about main stream distros is that you have loads of apps and
> functionality under your fingertips and that your system probably works.
> My favorite is Kubuntu with a realtime kernel, and from there on I
> compile almost everything from source, but that is far from away the
> beginning approach you asked for.
> The way you should look at you studio is that everything is centered
> around the Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK). Every music app (included
> the soundcard) is connected to each other via virtual audio and MIDI
> cables. If possible install Jack 1.9.2 (upcoming Jack 2) or just stick
> to what the distro gives you.
> The biggest concern when setting up your system is latency, and that can
> be a tricky part when you are not used to deal with it. The Linux
> community have much brain power so you will find loads of info on the
> Net about this subject, the bad new is that this brain power still have
> not managed to make systems that normally just works as people in the
> Mac and Windows world are used to. 
> As for learning Linux, you should really not have to care to much about
> it. You should only care about the apps: just start using them; write
> documents in Open Office, surf around the web with Firefox and so on.
> The apps does normally work the same way on any OS this days.
> As for music, you should learn about connecting MIDI and audio with the
> help of qjackctl and probably start using apps like Ardour, Rosegarden
> and a good sample player like Qsynth (it's actually a front end for a
> sample player named FluidSynth, but never mind). A good drum machine
> like Hydrogen is not bad either. If you are missing professional sounds
> and want better sound quality, then you will start using Linux sampler
> which is using Giga sampler format samples.
> The Linux world has many great (and crappy) plugins and I recommend you
> to avoid VST until they start to make more native Linux VST plugins -
> and for the 64 bit platform. In the Linux world, plugins are called
> LADSPA (old standard), LV2 (new standard) and DSSI (synths).
> You asked for a tutorials? The best one is probably this slightly
> outdated and OSX centeric one:
> http://www.out-of-order.ca/tutorials/ardour/ .
> Some links:
> ===========
> http://www.out-of-order.ca/tutorials/ardour/
> http://www.ardour.org/
> http://www.rosegardenmusic.com/
> http://www.linuxjournal.com/user/800764/track
> http://www.hydrogen-music.org/
> http://jackaudio.org/
> http://qtractor.sourceforge.net/
> http://calf.sourceforge.net/
> http://www.jokosher.org/
> http://www.linux-sound.org/ (good, but much outdated links)
> http://apps.linuxaudio.org/ (good, but some outdated links)
> http://lad.linuxaudio.org/subscribe/lau.html
> http://alsa.opensrc.org/
check also: www.wiki.linuxmusicians.com

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