[Ardour-Users] ardour files from elsewhere (was Leopard blues)

Christopher Bailey zipzappoozoo at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 10:48:23 PDT 2008

> > One other thing I should mention -- these ardour mixes were originally
> > created outside of ardour by an application I wrote (in other words, I
> > create XML files myself)
> >
> Christopher - some time ago I wrote a utility to convert AAF projects (e.g.
> from Pro Tools) into Ardour sessions.  Along the way I noticed many
> peculiarities like this and I came to understand that Ardour sessions are
> more intricate (and delicate) than you might imagine.  It's tempting to
> code
> the barest minimum when creating the XML session state file - but I found
> out the hard way that in fact, very little can be left out of a session
> state file without causing some problem (often an unpredictable one).  I'd
> strongly recommend that you have a known 'test' session (created on Ardour)
> to use as a reference.  My early attempts would often work on one version
> of
> Ardour but not a later version so you might well be suffering from the same
> kind of problem.

Yes, that's how I created the XML originally.  I guess I'll have to check
through that way again.

The files have, so to speak, been "run through" Ardour;  that is -- I loaded
them into the older version of ardour, and then saved them, but I don't know
if that "cleans them up" or not.   (I would assume Ardour would just write
them out again from scratch, in a maximally correct format, but maybe not?)

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