[Ardour-Users] Leopard blues: convenient pics to check out.

Christopher Bailey zipzappoozoo at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 06:26:44 PDT 2008

> the native version is perfectly able to display waveforms. where did
> these regions come from? did you record them? from which device?

I loaded in an Ardour session that I Was using with my old laptop  (the
session is on an outboard hard drive that wasn't involved when that old
machine crashed).

What's strange is that when I play the mix, I can see the meters leaping
about---it's seeing sound in there, but not showing it, and I hear no sound
(but hopefully y'all's advice will help with that).

I'll keep plugging away . . .

> the message at the bottom comes from the fact that your session was, at
> some point, using an instance of JACK that was connected to "Built-in
> Audio". In the setup you've shown, JACK is now connected to "Aggregate
> Device", which is not the same as the "Built-in Audio" device. Neither
> JACK nor Ardour (not any CoreAudio app) can understand that they are
> "related", so Ardour is just telling you "I cannot reconnect the click
> track outputs to the same outputs you used last time". You can change
> these by hand in the Preferences editor (under the "Click" tab), or you
> can start a new session using your aggregate device.

Ahh, OK thanks, that sounds hopeful . . . I think I Was lookign for such a
menu and couldn't find it . .
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