[Ardour-Users] Crappy wav files

Greg Vaughan gmail at fasteasyloans.info
Fri Sep 12 13:29:41 PDT 2008

OK so I'm replying to myself...

I sorted out the routing so all solved... I routed the tracks to the Master
the master out to Jamin, Jamin back into a fresh Stereo track and that track
out to the system bus... export and bingo... I have absolutely no idea why
this works and the other routings didn't but then I am brand new to this so
getting it to work at all is good for now... if anyone would care to
enlighten me as to why this worked it would be appreciated though...

Greg Vaughan

On Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 6:02 AM, Greg Vaughan <gmail at fasteasyloans.info>wrote:

> The quality of wav files I am getting when exporting from Ardour with Jamin
> is garbage... I must be doing something wrong along the line somewhere...
> can anyone steer me towards a tutorial or some info as to how to go about
> this... it sounds absolutely fantastic through Ardour then is completely
> cilpped and noise ridden as a .wav. Also if I export without Jamin it is
> fine... (unmastered of course and sounds like a nice little unpolished
> track... but there are no audio problems)
> I have tried Jamin as an insert pre the Master Fader and also by routing
> the output of the tracks to Jamin and then back to the Master channel in
> Ardour. Both are crap.
> Cheers
> Greg Vaughan
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