[Ardour-Users] Leopard blues

Christopher Bailey zipzappoozoo at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 16:14:39 PDT 2008

Hello friends,

I just bought a MacBook running Leopard. (2.4 G intel core 2 duo)

I'm running the X11 version of Ardour, whatever's the simple binary you can

My first question is, everything is HUGE.  Is there somewhere to control the
font sizes, or just the size of how everything looks in general?   I looked
in the X11 preferences, and in the Ardour menus, etc., but didn't see
anything immediately. (One thing to

Also . . . I installed Jack  (dmp 1.9, router .8.7, pilot 03-08) .  I had
the impression it would just work, but then I found some references in the
manual for the aggregate device specifications, and what-not.  There are a
few things to be specified there, I've set them to what I think are the
correct defaults, but I must be missing something because when I start
Ardour, all is fine; but then when I load in a mix,  I get errors that it
can't connect to the CoreAudio , etc.

Anyway. . . I'll try working through it all again, but if anyone has any
advice off the bat here, let me know . . . .

Thanks much,

Christopher Bailey

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