[Ardour-Users] Processor load on ardour

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Sun Sep 7 09:09:47 PDT 2008

Tiago Tavares:
> Hello
>   I have been using ardour for some time now, but I have found that
> some tracks (about ten...) are enough to overload my processor (I
> start hearing those clicks that happen when you don't produce
> samples as fast as you play them). I am considering changing my
> athlon xp 2100+ (five years old!) to a newer one.

I used to have athlon xp 2000 something and it was fine with a huge 
test session (like 70 mono tracks playback). The processor is not the 

You should look at and tell people about your kernel (realtime capable 
or not), your jack settings (realtime, buffer size etc) and your 
distribution to begin with. Hard to say anything without that.


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