[Ardour-Users] Strange transport problem - can anyone reproduce?

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Sep 6 01:52:35 PDT 2008

Re: my strange transport behaviour (see below) I've now reproduced this on a
second PC (my laptop).  The laptop was successfully running svn 3463 but
after upgrading to svn 3695 it now has the same problem.  Before upgrading,
I tested three sessions (which all displayed fine) but now, all three of
them have this same problem.  svn 3695 was built by running "scons -c" and
then "scons DEBUG=1"

I've tried launching Ardour from a command line.  I noticed that the
Tranzport and Powermate modules both fail to load.  Unfortunately, I don't
know whether or not that's normal.  Before I report this as a bug can anyone
confirm if it's normal for those two modules to fail?  I've never noticed it
before - but that doesn't mean it wasn't happening before.... ;-)



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>I upgraded to svn 3695 (a week or two ago) since when, I've noticed a very
> strange problem which wasn't there before.  I just wondered if anyone else
> might have seen this...?
> Create (or load) a session starting at about 10 hours timecode and lasting
> around 20-30 minutes.  Position the replay cursor at the start of the
> session (10:00:00:00) and press 'play'.  The cursor starts moving forward
> and the audio plays.  When it gets to the RHS of the play window, the
> window
> repositions (as expected), cursor moves to the LHS and the whole process
> continues.
> However.... this only happens for a maximum of 2 screen updates.  When the
> play cursor reaches the RHS again, the timeline jumps to about 20 minutes
> timecode (00:20:00:00) and the screen stops updating.  However, the audio
> keeps on playing and the time clocks update correctly.
> I did a full rebuild and re-installation but it didn't fix the problem but
> this is such bizarre behaviour that I'm surprised no-one's mentioned
> it.  It's 100% reproduceable on my system but I'm assuming that
> somebody else would have reported it if they'd encountered it..
> Cheers,
> John
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