[Ardour-Users] Signal Flow

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at cosgroves.us
Sat Oct 25 15:45:46 PDT 2008

On 25 October 2008 at 23:58, Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com> wrote:

> On Sat, 2008-10-25 at 14:51 -0700, Kevin Cosgrove wrote:
> > I'm having trouble picturing the signal flow through the mixer in
> > ardour.  Is this correct:
> http://ardour.org/files/manual/sn-tracks-and-busses.html
> > I want tone control.  I've added postfader EQ "plugin" to the the
> > mixer channels of my choice.  This seems to give me the sound
> > I want.  In a hardware mixer, the tone control is a built-in
> > insert, isn't it?  Should I be using an insert here instead of a
> > plugin?
> such controls would normally be pre-fader. yes, they are normally
> built-in on a h/w console.
> plugins are a special case of an insert - they take the signal from the
> track/bus, pass it through the plugin (a purely software object) and put
> the result back into the track/bus. there are also "port inserts" which
> allow you to do the same thing but with external hardware replacing the
> plugin. to make it easier for users, we call "port inserts" just
> "inserts" and "plugin inserts" just "plugins".
> > I want compression on some tracks.  For this the insert seems to
> > be essential.  Once I create the insert, then I can configure
> > where to connect it.  But, I can't figure out how to assign the
> > insert connections to go through a compressor plugin.  How does
> > that work?
> you don't normally combine inserts and plugins. you just stick a
> compressor plugin in, typically pre-fader. inserts are for using
> external h/w, which you might have and want to use.
> > For f/x, like reverb, I've been using post fader sends to a bus
> > which has a post fader gverb plugin.  Does that seem right?
> thats fairly typical, yes.

Good deal.  It looks like I've been doing the right things already.



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