[Ardour-Users] Various OSX/PPC issues

Michael Dunn md at cantares.on.ca
Sun Nov 23 13:01:13 PST 2008

1. Jack (latest & greatest) seems to be causing problems:
  - It basically froze my system when I tried a smaller latency (64 or 
128 - can't remember for sure). Obviously, I'll stick with a high 
latency, or turn off Jack when not needed.
  - It seems to lengthen Ardour startup time to the 3-5min range (512 buffer)!
  - Jackpilot's CPU meter also shows increased CPU load with smaller 
buffers, but the effect isn't nearly as serious as when Ardour is 

2. Having plugins enabled shows a significant CPU load when not 
playing, even when I select "Stop plugins with Transport".

3. Cmd-scroll doesn't zoom as mentioned - yes, I turned off screen 
zooming. Maybe the fault of the Kensington Mouseworks driver...?

4. The web site mentions "New action to rotate editor/mixer window 
stacking". How? Suggest you use OSX-standard Cmd-`.

5. Misc small OSX suggestions:
  - "About" should be under Ardour menu, not help.
  - Cmd-, is the standard OSX preferences key.
  - Closing session should leave Ardour running; go to Open dialog if necessary.

Cool though - looking a lot nicer than the last time I tried it (2.1).

iMac G5 2.1GHz 2.5GB

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