[Ardour-Users] Compiling from SVN

Geoff Beasley geoff at laughingboyrecords.com
Sun Nov 23 00:52:36 PST 2008

On Sun, 23 Nov 2008 01:25:18 pm Greg Vaughan wrote:
> Are there any current instructions for how to compile Jack from SVN...
> since 109 keeps crashing when I have Ardour and Jamin open at the same
> time.
> Cheers
sure. firstly uninstall your existing jack install.
make sure you have svn installed. (some distros' call it subversion xx)
download the svn repository to you local drive from here.

svn co http://subversion.jackaudio.org/jack/trunk/jack

then cd to that dir, then run ./autogen.sh  

then run 

./configure --prefix=/usr  ( you probably need to change the prefix; depends on 

then check what jack is being built with. if all goes well, no errors 
then do;  

make && make install 

and that should be it. 



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