[Ardour-Users] ardour 2.6.1 install question // linux ubuntu

Jaan Pullerits suva at surnuaed.ee
Fri Nov 7 06:20:25 PST 2008


> As I understand it there is a problem with the 8.10 RT kernel and SMP
> (multi core included) processors -  'dist-upgrade' installed the -rt
> kernel for me but it was basically unuseable.  If you find yourself in
> this position then the previous kernels should still be there and grub
> will allow you to select an older RT kernel that worked; I haven't
> found any problems with running it like thiis.

Ubuntu has that realtime kernel ONLY in Universe repository. If you
don't know Ubuntu packaging methodology then "Universe" is community
supported repository. It is NOT officially supported.

I don't know why exactly this kernel didn't get to the main repository.
AFAIK there is no -rt patch available for 2.6.27 yet. The package
available in Universe is using modified 2.6.26 patch.

The problems with Universe kernel packages are the fact that all other
kernel related things such as custom/binary driver modules etc are made
only for the official kernels, and thus you can't have ATI 3D
acceleration and other binary only drivers and stuff with this kernel.
Also it may have other problems which I am not aware of.


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