[Ardour-Users] OS-X options

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Nov 4 22:56:13 PST 2008

Yesterday I was talking to a guy about DAWs and I recommended Ardour which
he wants to try on his Apple laptop (running OS-X 10.3).  However, he's not
a programmer and doesn't want to build anything from source.

1)  Am I right in telling him that binaries are available for BOTH the
native version and the GTK version?
2)  Is the 'native' version native in the sense that it uses Apple's native
GUI (Aqua?) or is it native in some other sense?
3)  If the two versions look different is there anywhere where he can see a
screenshot of the native version so he can decide which one he prefers?
4)  Are there any reasons to favour one version, rather than the other?

In particular, if either of them can be installed without him needing to
configure things manually (e.g. environment variables) or use a command
line I think he'd prefer it.  When I spoke to him yesterday he didn't even
know what 'source code' is or what 'binaries' are or what a 'command line'
is - so this is someone with zero technical ability.  Ideally he'd need 
something that automatically loads any dependencies, such as Jack / 
Coreaudio etc.



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