[Ardour-Users] subscription support down, your ideas sought

Gregory Anderson gymjb at stu.ca
Tue May 13 16:49:36 PDT 2008

I think that a lot of the ideas that people have given are really good
for increasing users but not necessarily for increasing subscribers.
Undoubtedly the more users there are the more subscribers there will be.
But I think there will be a lot more luck at increasing subscriptions by
targeting those people who already use Ardour.  These people are more
likely to have some sense of obligation or commitment to it than a new
user is and there are easily enough people already using Ardour to
support it a few times over.  "Out of the thousands of downloaders, just
117 people were subscribing during April, and only another 5-10 people
made one-time donations."

I am not exactly sure how to do this but someone (sorry I am not sure
who) said to ask for donations more agressively through a monthly
reminder.  I think this is an excellent idea.  And I agree with the few
people who have mentioned making the subscriptions continue
indefinately.  I am going to add this.  I think a pop-up when Ardour
runs for the first time that simply reminds people that Ardour was not
born through immaculate conception and that funding (any amount) is
helpful could be effective at getting new subscribers.  I know I
personally would not find this overly agressive but it might just be
enough to push someone over who was sitting on the fence or who had
forgot to subscribe (like me).

These are just my 2 cents on the matter though.


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