[Ardour-Users] subscription support down, your ideas sought

Don Fredricks ardour at handsfull.net
Tue May 13 09:57:45 PDT 2008

> Some kind of reminder of my subscription coming to an end would have
> been sufficient ...

I don't know about the rest of you, but I got a couple of friendly
reminders by email just as my subscription was about to lapse. It was more
tasteful and low-key than any public broadcasting fundraiser. (Maybe too

I wonder whether some little "perks" might help with the cashflow -- like
providing a "showcase" page on ardour.org where subscribers could post
links to music they've created with Ardour. Or a little "badge" under your
name in the forums that says "ARDOUR SUBSCRIBER".

Neither of these things would induce *me* to subscribe (I didn't need
anything beyond the thought of Paul needing to support his family), but
different people are motivated by different things. There are probably a
few people who just need a slight nudge, and it's hard to know which
particular thing will do the trick.

Is it possible to have the subscription be open-ended, instead of having a
fixed term? I have a subscription on one site (using the same PayPal
mechanism, I think) that renews automatically. The only way to stop the
subscription is for me to log on to PayPal and cancel it. Inertia can be
your friend. :)

ardour at handsfull.net

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