[Ardour-Users] careful testing requested

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Tue May 6 04:05:36 PDT 2008

Paul Davis wrote:
> current svn has some changes to add a new feature - saved visual states.
> adding this disturbed some old and rather confusing/hacky code relating
> to making sure that when loaded, sessions are displayed with the same
> visible tracks/busses as when they were saved.
> i'd appreciate it if current svn (2.0-ongoing) users could check that
> the behaviour has remained as it used to be - hide some tracks, save,
> reload and/or restart. 
> i have done my own testing, but there are many more actual possible
> cases here than i can evaluate on my own.
> thanks,
> --p
hey paul, either i am doing sth wrong, or the 'save views' feature does 
not work really.
last night, in rev3314, i was able to choose some bindings in views menu 
and it worked great, but now - just nothing happens. also the default 
bindings, after 'rm .ardour.bindings' are the same for both - save viewN 
and goto viewN. don't know if this is intentionally, but with the 
default bindings it does not work either.
another thing about saving/reloading the session: if i use the 'zoom to 
region(W&H)' function, save an exit the session in that state (one 
region filling the hole screen), on the next reload i will not be able 
to make all the other tracks visible by using the same function.
looking into 'tracks/busses' tab, all the other tracks are unchecked, 
only the one region/track filling the screen is not hidden. so i have to 
check the other tracks manually again. this works ok as long i keep the 
session open.


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