[Ardour-Users] External MIDI Sequencing

sandrito sandrito at katamail.com
Thu Mar 6 05:53:58 PST 2008

oops... sorry. I wanted to reply to this post... silly sandro ;)

Geoff Beasley ha scritto:
> MusE is heaven ! brilliant. the only thing you MUST be aware of is MusE has a 
> strange quirk with the spin-boxes. If you select a spinbox anywhere, change a 
> number and press enter, the spin-box retains focus. Very annoying until you 
> get used to it. the fix is to click back in the track canvas somewhere and 
> focus moves back to the keyboard. and btw use the .9x branch and  build from 
> cvs as there are many bug fixes in there not in the distro's and source 
> tarballs.
> enjoy.
> Ardour and MusE LOVE each other; they work
> beautifully together..
> g.

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