[Ardour-Users] ardour does not launch

fabads fabads at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 08:29:21 PDT 2008


I am a new user of this Mailing List and a new (future) user of Ardour.
But before playing with decibels, I need some advices about launching
After 1 days of packages and libraries retrieval, I have successfuly
compiled Ardour (on a Redhat 4 ES X86_64 architecture).
Then, I used scons install to install Ardour.
I am going into /local/home1/Soft/usr/local/bin to launch the application
(do not ask me why Scons wants to install Ardour here, I do not understand,
maybe an environment variable I've set !) and start launching. Here the
result :

[root at pcbox01 bin]# ./ardour2
WARNING: Your system has a limit for maximum amount of locked memory!
This might cause Ardour to run out of memory before your system runs out of
memory. You can view the memory limit with 'ulimit -l', and it is normally
controlled by /etc/security/limits.conf
./ardour2: line 16: /usr/local/lib64/ardour2/ardour-2.5: No such file or
./ardour2: line 16: exec: /usr/local/lib64/ardour2/ardour-2.5: cannot
execute: No such file or directory

Any help appreciated !!! I cheked the ardour start script and it seems to be
set with directories not consistent with the installation path
(/local/home1/Soft ...). I corrected this mistake but the
.../usr/local/lib64/ardour2 is empty.
I don't understand why because compilation and link were ok.

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