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Renato Fabbri renato.fabbri at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 00:03:36 PDT 2008

2008/7/10 Matthijs ten Berge <m.h.tenberge at upcmail.nl>:

> ...

Concerning the ease of adjustment, there is, I think, a line between
> 'needless eye-candy' and 'helpful visibles' (unfortunately this line is
> hard to draw). Needless to say that the rotary knobs belong to the
> 'needless eye-candy' category.
> As an example of a 'helpful visible', I find a compressor much easier to
> adjust if it has some ((semi)real-time) level meters. Ideally at least
> 3: an IN-level, OUT-level and gain reduction meter.
> Or: a room simulator would benefit from some graphic (x-y or maybe
> x-y-z) in which the relative positions of the sound sources and the
> listener are displayed.
> For a noise gate, a red/yellow/green 'traffic light' would give
> immediate visible feedback (closed/transition/open).
> Also with respect to the system load I agree. Most of these visibles are
> only needed when adjusting the parameters. So why not have a tick-box to
> disable them when done, to save some cpu resources for DSP? Or maybe
> even hide them, to also save some real estate on the monitor (which is
> also a very scarce resource).

tick boxes are really an option to design lv2 plugins. i think that, as
extensions, we can activate generic tools (such as 2D controlers with
oscilators) and even complete GUIs. these which, by its turn, can be
unactivated or disabled visually to save CPU processing. That is something i
will keep my eyes on.

i fell like this "plugin of a plugin design" is a bit funny, but it looks
reasonable and usefull after i took a look in the LV2 API. at the moment i
think that a generic 2D high resolution controller for managing 2 chosen
parameters would be nice. And a 2D low resolution (kind of a grid) as well.
Oscilators for automatic time progression of these parameters seems nice
too. does some other idea for generic (maybe visual) controlers comes to

> Cheers,
> Matthijs
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