[Ardour-Users] plugin ideas

Renato Fabbri renato.fabbri at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 03:41:57 PDT 2008


I am gathering info about functionalities missing as plugin implementations.
Please send me your opinions.

I am planning to make some plugins in the lv2 standard. For now, i am really
tempted to focus on tools for sonic transformations (such as GRM tools),
pattern creators (such as anarchy rhythms), and some other personal ideas.
They are what i miss the most within the open source tools i know.

Even so, i understand that there is a hadfull of plugin types for sound
treatment that are very usefull, like eqs, reverbs, gates, compressors,
noise/click/hum removers.

It will be very appreciated to hear what plugins are missing the most, and
maybe some extra info like for what kind of tasks, a similar existing
plugin, etc. The more opinions gathered, the better.

GUI implementations are really missing as LADSPA standard didn't permit
fancy GUIs. So this is something to start changing :o)

best for all,
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