[Ardour-Users] Motherboard hints and tips?

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at ntlworld.com
Thu Jan 31 15:37:51 PST 2008

Thomas GH Dorsch || Pianist & Composer wrote:
> Now, I have a different computer, Graphics built into the mobo, Suse 
> Linux on it. Whenever I use the mouse to move a window, clicks and 
> noise. I also used Windows before on this newer computer, everything 
> was fine then. Now that I am in Linux I am facing an old problems due 
> to different reasons again, I believe it's called xruns.
You have similar problems to me, only they seem worse. You might have an 
IRQ conflict or perhaps PCI latency issues. Perhaps Windows is more 
intelligent at assigning interrupts than Linux is. While I was 
researching my current problems I found two very useful web pages that 
explained some of these issues and specifically what you can do on Linux 
to try and get around them. The first is here:


The second (which is linked to from the first but is a goldmine of 
information) is this one:


But your best solution might be the same as mine - get a new computer.

About a decade ago I used to set up the odd PC for audio work on 
Windows98. Getting it reliable wasn't easy then, and it's not that much 
easier now. I learned then that there's no substitute for a good 
motherboard. (So why did I start trying this on the one I've got??? ;))

Thanks to all for the discussion today, it's been very interesting and 
enormously helpful. If I get a new system up and running I'll let you 
all know what it is.


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