[Ardour-Users] Hydrogen/Ardour sync problem

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at ntlworld.com
Mon Jan 28 10:58:01 PST 2008

Well I think I've done all the experiments I can. I'm using jack 0.107 
by the way. I can confirm that in most cases it's the humanize function 
that is causing the issues I've seen - except in one case. In one, and 
only one, of my Ardour projects the recorded drums are not quite in sync 
with the played back drums if I play my recording and hydrogen 

I've been trying to think what makes this project different from the 
others; there are no plugins in use anywhere, I'm using more tracks in 
some and less in others. The only difference I can think of is that in 
the project showing the problem, one of the existing tracks has been 
nudged backwards a fair way. Might this account for it if Ardour is 
doing some kind of compensation for this?


Paul Davis wrote:
>> I have this problem as well.  I just did a small experiment with Ardour 
>> 2.0.3, Hydrogen 0.9.3, and Jack 0.103.0. 
> I am fairly certain (but don't have time to check right now) that you
> need a later version of JACK for this to work correctly. Please let me
> know if you try this and discover that I am lying through my teeth.
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