[Ardour-Users] Hydrogen/Ardour sync problem

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Mon Jan 28 03:13:58 PST 2008

Am Montag, 28. Januar 2008 schrieb Mark Greenwood:
> I've encountered a problem. I've been recording a track with all audio
> in ardour using a drum pattern created in hydrogen. While recordiing my
> instruments I've been using ardour as time master and syncing ardour and
> hydrogen to jack so hydrogen plays back while I record. Now I've come to
> do a mixdown I've recorded my hydrogen part into a track in ardour. When
> I now play back the recording the drums are ever so slightly out of
> time. If I play back the recording and have hydrogen playing I can
> actually hear the phasing effect caused by playing the same drum pattern
> twice, a few milliseconds apart. It's not possible to tell if hydrogen
> is ahead or behind, but it's definitely not in sync.
> Is this normal behaviour?

Yes, as long as the time-shift is constant. That is probably because ardour 
still thinks you are using external soundsources and compensates for the 
latency for using hardware or software monitoring. Try to play around with 
these options. But probably its not as relevant as you might think now. Its 
only important that the time-shift is constant (which means that you can 
easily shift the finished tracks in ardour). And you have to record the final 
track of hydrogen in ardour before exporting because afaik hydrogen doesn't 
support the freewheeling-mode of jack that ardour uses for export (which 
would give you a final file without drums).

If the time-shift is not constant, then you or the ardour-devs have a 
problem. :-)

Have fun,

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